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Hire Administration Professionals

Virtual Bookkeepers

Bookkeeping may be your least enjoyable part of running the business but factually the most important aspect of tax compliance while tracking the financial growth of your business.
As a business owner, it gets really frustrating to look after all the operations and maintain books/records simultaneously. However delegating this task, lets you invest your time in expanding your services and customer base. We at GrowMar have a team of expert bookkeepers who love to do this job. We import bank statements, categorize transactions and prepare financial statements every month, customized for you.

Admin And Executive Assistants

Managing emails, scheduling meetings, handling incoming calls, tracking receipts, invoices, updating records and what not, Oh God! The administrative tasks are endless.
These basic tasks are at the core of every business. They appear very petty but cumulatively consume a lot of time. Your Remote Assistant from GrowMar can do these tasks without incurring the cost of hiring an in-house employee. They set you free to focus on the bigger picture of growing your business. Just throw your to-do list on your assistants and take up your love to do list today!

Customer Service Agents

Businesses providing the best customer support can motivate buyers to become brand loyalists and product/service advocates.

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It extends to following up with them and providing all kind of support in case of any problems. We at GrowMar take up all voice and non-voice processes like 24/7 Live chats, email responses, phone call answering, SMS responses, etc., We understand the importance of a satisfied customer for a business and therefore at every point of time, we provide utmost courtesy and care to your customers.

Transcription Services

With our specialised and expert transcription services, you would be able to get the correct insight to your contents and recordings.

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We offer transcriptions in various scenarios including business meetings, captions for media (videos and audios), legal, medical, etc., For example, opting for our services, you would not have to think about capturing the minutes of the meetings, you can focus on the discussion while we would note down everything for you. We have a diverse range of custom transcription services to satisfy all of your needs.

Hire Technology Professionals

IT Support Agents

The moment systems run down, tensions soar up. IT has become such an integral part of businesses now.
Technological infrastructure not just only affects the overall operational and manpower efficiency but also contributes significantly to how business maintains communication with its customers. To avail uninterrupted benefits of technology, we, GrowMar bring you customized IT support services. We are a team of tech heads who offer intelligent IT solutions and comprehensive network support to businesses of all scales and types.

Websites & Mobile Apps

We live in the digital age. Internet is the default service discovery platform. More likely than not, your website is your company’s first impression to your customers.
A well designed site can multiply leads while a poorly designed one will greatly impact new business. Mobile phones are the digital convergence device. A well designed and programmed mobile app can hugely impact brand loyalty and bring in revenues. We build robust and scalable mobile apps with superb UI/UX design.

Custom Software

Let us handle your custom software development needs.
We are your ideal partners in Digital Transformation. We have strong skills in latest technologies and platforms. we provide complete custom software development services from Software Architecture to coding and deployment. With our low-risk model, you can quickly test your ideas – build software protypes or complete scalable working software.

Offshore IT Development Center

Research and development are at the heart of every business.
Every entrepreneur wants their business scale up at the speed of light, churning more profit and giving additional returns on investment. But is it possible to achieve all this while counting the increasing expenses of business? To develop the own development centre requires money to employ new manpower, train them and build on the contemporary infrastructure. Saving you from all this cost, we set up an offshore IT development centre for you.

E-Commerce Website Development

E-commerce development services provided by us would guide you to strategize the perfect online entry.

We would help you to find out the correct marketplace where you can sell your product and expand your customer base. We understand the technicalities of running and managing the best e-commerce operations, thus we would help you to succeed with your online business. Our e-commerce development team manages end-to-end solutions that enable you to connect with your customers directly.


Hire Marketing Professionals

Social Media Management

If the content is fire, social media is gasoline.
Social networks have become such a substantial part of marketing strategy now that not advertising on them is like missing on some phenomenal opportunities. As per the published stats of the year 2019, out of 4.4 billion users on the internet, 3.499 billion are active on social media platforms. Imagine the far-reaching benefits social media marketing has at a cost it demands. Helping you to reap these benefits, we, GrowMar would like to take up this job for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Millions of consumers use Google, Yahoo, Bing etc to search for products and services, they are in need for.
Obviously, they click on the top visible results and get the work sort. Visibility on these search engines plays a vital role. Just because you are not there on top rankings, you are losing on a lot of your potential customers. At GrowMar, we can help you with this with our extensive knowledge of search engine optimisation. Through SEO, we can enhance brand image, visibility and traffic on your website.

Google Ads

However it is extremely important to know the correct strategies in order to formulate the same.
If you do not know the correct strategies then the default settings of Google ads would cost you lots of money. We, at GrowMar would provide you with specialized Google Adwords services so that you do not make any costly mistake and your business can achieve new advertising highs.

Email Automation

Email marketing is the most effective and preferred way to universally reach the audience.
May it be a new product launch, a promotional offer, clearance sale, company news or any other valuable information, through an email you can easily educate your wide spread of customers at once. At GrowMar, we use the best email automation software, integrate with your website and intelligently build a campaign that runs throughout your subscribers. Our team of experts have the experience of curating beautiful emails.

Graphic Design

Pictures speak louder than words. It is the visuals which first make the impression.
Even the book you pick is judged by its cover. Graphic designing plays a very important role in the field of marketing. Businesses nowadays demand clever and creative designs that can be flowed across varied communication channels. We, GrowMar provide you with high-quality graphic designs for all your business needs. We employ best of the creative heads and design software who in combination produce designs that completely flabbergast your mind.

Content Writing

In the digital era, where content is being produced at a huge scale, it is quite possible for even a great piece to be lost in the noise of the web.
Content writing and marketing is a whole new tricky game now. GrowMar masters this game. Content is the only way through which a brand interacts, attracts and propels the customer. Our experienced team of writers create unique, compelling and purposeful content. We work on blogs, website, articles, infographics, eBooks, white papers, case studies, guest posts, press releases, product descriptions and video content.

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