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Transcription Services

Transcription is a powerful tool to capture value for your recorded audio and video

With our specialised and expert transcription services, you would be able to get the correct insight to your contents and recordings. We offer transcriptions in various scenarios including business meetings, captions for media (videos and audios), legal, medical, etc., For example, opting for our services, you would not have to think about capturing the minutes of the meetings, you can focus on the discussion while we would note down everything for you. We have a diverse range of custom transcription services to satisfy all of your needs.

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How our services work?

Opting for your transcription services are quite simple and easy. All you would need to do is follow three simple steps and would be good to go.

Upload Audio/Video

You will upload audio or video (English only)

You would need to upload English audio or video, of the meeting or interview that you wish to transcript.

Professional Transcription

Our experienced professionals type up from the audio/video you provide

We have professionals who have years of experience in the field. Our experts work on the audio/video, and provide the best transcription services for you.

Output & Delivery

We deliver you this tidy and error-free typed document

Finally, you would receive the copy of our transcription in an editable format. You can edit the document as per your requirements using our tools and then share it with anyone you want.

We Offer

Timely Services

We have many professionals working round the clock for you, hence we ensure that we can deliver your work on time. We take the least amount of Turn Around Time so that you would not have to wait long to get all that you need.

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Affordable Services

We provide wide range of affordable services. We ensure that all of your data are safe with us. You would not have to worry about anything, just send us your audio and we will work the rest out for you. Our experts make sure that you get the best and accurate transcripts within the given time.

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