Many companies from Belarus chose to relocate to Ukraine, as the neighboring country provided a more stable environment for businesses, even despite its own challenges. When it comes to companies based in troubled areas of Ukraine, many of them have relocated to other parts of the country, which have been completely safe for work and travel. We have checked several firms and came up with a list of the 10 top offshore software development Eastern Europe companies that you might consider for cooperation. These are the businesses that specialize in custom software development and have the highest rates. Apzumi is a software agency based in Poznań, Poland with a team of 39 experts. Since 2013, the company has offered custom software, mobile app, and AR/VR development to clients ranging from startups to large corporations.

Below, we will describe the key factors that influence the development rates. Software outsourcing opens a wide range of possibilities for business, like access to a bigger talent pool and cutting costs. Moreover,offshore software developmentreduces HR workload, as remote teams regularly have all team units that you may need. In terms of choosing the most winning destination for software development outsourcing, Sartre’s wisdom is definitely not the first thought that springs to one’s mind. However, as far as the decision-making process goes his words are suitable. Sometimes the success of the whole company depends on one decision.

Tapptitude is providing mobile app development support for a messaging technology company. They specifically provide iOS and Android SDK support to streamline the client’s development capabilities. Founded in 2001, Altoros’ team of over 350 employees specializes in cloud consulting, BI & big data consulting, blockchain and artificial intelligence services. Geniusee is a software and product development company focused on the win of its clients.

101 agencies with services focused on business development and automation, consulting, cybersecurity and design. “Boasting an outstanding quality of work, Fireart Studio implemented web designs that reflected the client’s vision. The team was reliable and communicative, making for a smooth collaboration. They successfully delivered an online presence that the client is more than satisfied with.” Originated in Belarus, currently, it has offices in Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, and the US.

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However, there is something about Europe that makes it fit for many companies to offshore their business. According to Daxx’s own analysis, 17% of German tech companies choose Ukraine for outsourcing software development. Around 12% of tech business owners in Germany outsource to India, 10% to Romania, and 9% to Poland. Ukrainian software developers are world-renowned for their programming skills.

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Currently, it has over 10,000 employees in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and other countries. Among 700+ clients of the company, we can find Google, Atlassian, Codio, MyTaxi, Swisscom, 2Park. Fireart has a 5.0 rating on Clutch, 28th position in Behance galleries, and takes top 3 positions on Dribbble. The situation is different when you hire an individual specialist.

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The costs that you will have for the internal development team are much higher than software development outsourcing to Eastern Europe. Hiring the outsourcing team, you don’t have to deal with paying for sick leaves, vacations, providing snacks and tea, or other perks. If you want to build a long-term relationship and grow your team, you should consider hiring a full-time remote position. These agencies aren’t limited to one area when seeking qualified applicants; they search worldwide and headhunt the best developers. In short, a developer who fits your professional requirements and your company’s culture.

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Nearly 36,000 tech students graduate in Ukraine every year, for example, with 75 percent of developers holding a higher education degree and 6.3 percent holding two degrees. This makes it easier for US companies to communicate with their teams than other countries where English proficiency is lower. IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe is more popular than other parts of the world with equally adept developers, mostly due to their English language proficiency. We may as well be looking at the up-and-coming advent of outsourcing to Eastern Europe in the long run. All in all, we can say with confidence that the Eastern European market sector isn’t going anywhere, but we are looking at some essential paradigm shifts and providers are even expanding in many aspects.

Orangesoft is a mobile application development firm with offices in San Fransisco, the U.K., and Belarus. Founded in 2009, Orangesoft consists of 51 team members who specialize in mobile app development. The firm also offers application management and support services to their clients. Riseapps provided mobile app development services for a health and wellness platform. Mobile app development company Tapptitude has offices in Romania, the US, and London. The team of 40+ employees specializes in iOS and Android app development and offers UX/UI design, IT strategy consulting, and web development.

In the last decade, the country grew in both software development and computer technologies. Also, the Slovak IT sector has over 92% of professionals who are fluent English speakers. Arc has the best freelance developers, software engineers, consultants, and programmers available for hire and freelance jobs in Eastern Europe.

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Eastern Europe has been a popular place for sourcing tech talent given relatively low cost, but it has its own challenges too. Let us understand in brief the reasons why procuring software developers in Eastern Europe is not as easy as it sounds. Some people prefer to hire on freelancing sites or software development forums, while others put the job out to tender. Either way, if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced European software development company, this list is a decent place to start. The Dedicated Team model gives you a team of engineers dedicated to the whole project from start to finish.

  • Aramex, HAVAS, Tait, Acino, SafeSide, MedusaBusiness, Reactoo, Coras, and many other businesses work with ELEKS.
  • To make your search for the best team to fulfill your business needs, we will make a software developer hourly rate US vs EU comparison.
  • And Poland ranks in the eleventh position on the English Proficiency Index in the world.
  • Read MobiDev security statement and contact us if you have any question about how we continue to deliver projects to our clients and will be able to work on your project.
  • Hiring developers is pretty challenging, however, it can be done.
  • The workers from this region are believed to take a more collaborative approach to projects and to be more creative than the process-driven workers from Asia.

Internationally, Bulgaria’s software developers are ranked #12 as the best developers, while its Java and Python developers are ranked #2 and #3 as the best developers with domain expertise. The country’s software developers arewell versed in C++ and Java. Despite these challenges, there are still countries that continue to grow their IT industry and make room for more and more clients.

The outsourcing services provider usually takes care of the team management and reports on the software development progress. What difference does it make if your teams are in your nation or thousands of kilometres abroad if they are locked down in home offices? Many software development businesses specifically hire offshore developers from Eastern European nations. Listed below are five reasons to hire offshore software developers from Eastern Europe. Based in Ukraine and operating for over seven years,our team comprises highly educated professionals committed to their projects.

Geographical proximity, market size, demand, expertise, and ease of doing business are the five major factors that shape the average rates of software developers in Eastern Europe. Is an essential issue in terms of choosing an outsourcing location for software development in Eastern Europe. It is often hard to estimate the number of software developers in exact numbers however local agencies tend to provide reports about their countries’ stats once in a few years. One more reason why Eastern Europe should be considered by all those, who find it suitable from the viewpoint of geographical proximity and time zone, emanates from the previous one. The engineering mindset and broad technical education of Eastern-European software engineers allow them to approach tasks creatively.

Consult with your board and list the most crucial features a company should have to complete the assignment. Remember to keep everyone in your team in the loop and consider all the ideas and suggestions not to miss the essential details. Intent has helped an events customizable platform design their web-based product and build an MPV. They’ve implemented several features and used React.js, Typescript, and Firebase for development.

Project management will also impress you from the first days of work. Every project manager from a software outsourcing company uses reliable tools, keeps all works under control, and inserts updates into Jira and Confluence, where you can access them in no time. With companies in Eastern Europe you can be sure that you get the services of technical specialists who have completed higher education at specialized universities.

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I am very used to work in large teams with agile and agile methodology. Most recently, as an AWS Certified Architect, I have specialized myself in AWS solutions, and have been working for the last years providing independant consultory to many companies. I have strong experience with many specialized AWS services, such as Lambda, IoT, Kinesis, RedShift, Glue and Athena.

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As a result, you should look for a team with at least an intermediate level of English. Often, paying a higher price gets you more experienced and talented developers who know what they’re worth. It’s always up to you to decide whether to work with a small boutique agency or a global company. Still, make sure you’ve discussed the rates and price project in advance. When hiring a team, you should also remember that overall rates of the team will also depend on the size of the company you’re hiring. The basics of the platform, skills .NET programmers possess and where to find them, and their salary rates.

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Hiring a young talent from Eastern Europe seems the most effective option for many companies from Western Europe or the USA. While communicating with our clients, we often hear that Eastern European developers, and Ukrainian developers in particular, have valuable characteristics that improve the performance of the entire team. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Eastern European programmers play a developer eastern europe vital part in developing tech products for Western European, American, and Australian tech companies. Number of Eastern European Developers by CountryCountryNumber of ProgrammersUkraine200KChech Republic130KHungary105KPoland400KRomania139KBulgaria63KBelarus69KAnd it’s not all about the quantity. The variety of programming skills offered on such vast talent markets as Ukraine and Poland is pretty wide too.

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This kind of attitude allows for outstanding results to be achieved. Poland is the second largest tech talent pool of experienced nearshore developers in Eastern Europe. The number of Polish software development companies continues to grow which now equals 50.000+.

Stfalcon had created a hybrid mobile app for a book discovery page. They had been hired for their good reputation in the mobile development industry. A digital asset management company engaged with Droids On Roids in order to develop an iOS app for their business as well as provide backend development services. Their dedicated team of 50+ members specializes in mobile development for both iOS and Android, as well as web development and design.

Some of the newly found synergies have proven to be especially productive. One of the more illustrative examples of this is Ukraine having become the UK’s top software outsourcing destination . Nearshore software development services in Eastern Europe are gaining momentum and are in demand among lots of businesses worldwide. A nearshore software development partner is a great way to develop a custom software solution for your business considering the available budget, deadlines, and requirements. It is because most countries from this region are still developing and the prices of living are still lower than in other European countries. Eastern Europe has a lot to offer, from a solid command of the English language and a comparable culture to a large talent pool and high-quality outcomes.

The statistics at PayScale show that the average software developer salary in the US is around $72000 and goes up to $ a year. Compare companies’ services, quality, industries of expertise, security standards, salary rates, etc. A health technology company engaged with AgileEngine for their web development and support services.

Having a very strong background in grammars and linguistics, I am very interested in machine learning and natural language processing and generation. The company, founded in 2004, has around 250 specialists who provide custom software development, mobile app development, web development, and cloud consulting & SI services. Deviniti serves midmarket and other-sized companies in various industries, including automotive, business services, and financial services. Eastern Europe has been keen on upskilling its software developers for the last few years. This has led to a sharp increase in the quality of IT talent in east European countries such as Hungary and Poland.

Such proficiency in English destroys all mental barriers and allows clients to speak directly to any member of the team without the fear of misunderstanding. The IT segment is consolidated around mutual partnership and regional development. Local IT clusters tackle issues and improve education alongside work efficiency. Software developers are constantly boosting their skills via courses and workshops, sharing their knowledge at tech talks, and more.