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What Does GrowMar Do?

GrowMar provides top tech talent and teams with diverse and extensive experience in engineering and business support. GrowMar remote working model helps businesses grow by cutting costs, increasing revenue and thus profit margins. Our remote talent can get your work done, and save you valuable time, costs and efforts in hiring and retaining full time employees.

  • Developers for building Website, iOS/Android App, SaaS & Custom Software

  • Data Engineers, Tableau/BI Developers, Analytics Professionals, etc.,

  • Project Managers, Business Analysts, Testers, etc.,

  • IT Professionals For Managed Services

Our Mission

Is To Provide Dedicated & Specialized Remote Talent To Run And Grow Your Business.

Do you know 75% of small to medium size businesses fail within 5 years due to the lack of qualified labors and increasing costs? Our goal is to be a part of the solution to help sustain and grow your business.

Your people are the greatest and most expensive assets of your organization. They help the business thrive well in the market, out rivaling the competition. GrowMar provides experienced professionals with flexible work shifts, and no overhead costs to you.

Why Should You Hire From GrowMar?

We are based out of sunny California (in Bay Area), but you will get access to global workforce to meet your needs. We take care of hiring, managing and retaining remote workers for you on our payroll, so you can save the hassle of hiring full time employees. Our clients hire us for 3 major reasons:

  • Experienced And Professionally Trained With Flexible Work Hours

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! Else, You Get A New Dedicated Talent

  • Affordable And No Overhead Costs (No Insurance/Benefits/Payroll)

Why GrowMar

Get The Right Fit & Forget Overhead Costs!
Challenges GrowMar Advantage Internal Hire
Expertise Diverse Skillsets Limited to 1 employee
Tech Talent Cost Starting $35 / hour More than $75 / hour + Benefits
Commitment Flexible Contracts Long Term
Scaling Easier to scale up / down Difficult to scale faster
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