Early Payment Discounts

But the customer must give you something in return for this discount. Based on your needs and goals, there are several ways to evaluate whether or not to take advantage of a discount for early payment. Clients will also stop paying quickly during recessions and other difficult times. Consequently, you could end up in the same situation you were trying to avoid.

It’s best to consult your accountant or bookkeeper to analyze the impact of early payment discounts on your business. Suppose Paul’s Plumbing invoices a customer for the installation of a new bathroom and sink faucet for $1,000. The term for the early payment discount is 2%/10 Net 30, so if you receive payment in 10 days or less, the invoice will be reduced to $980. If the customer pays after 10 days, they must pay the full $1,000.

By unifying payments with https://www.bookstime.com/ and business spend management processes, Coupa provides the only solution that integrates all the traditionally siloed processes. Instatic discounting, the company offers pre-defined early payment terms to the supplier. The supplier can choose one of these early payment terms at invoice creation. For example, you might offer 1%/10 net 30 as a payment term, meaning that if the supplier is paid within the first 10 days, then the buyer can take a 1% discount. Static discounting works well for suppliers who know that they want early payment and are submitting invoices through a portal where they can choose the payment term. Comparing the cost of early payment discounts against the various financing options can be challenging. Most solutions don’t have standard pricing, and the time frames of the cash flow vary.


This is especially important with smaller business relationships where cash flow is critical. Discover why offering local payments is the key to growth and better cash flow. If your Accounts Payable system is not equipped to handle this, or you don’t have an efficient way of offering and tracking early payment discounts for your customers, then consider this. When you take an early payment discount offered by a supplier, the supplier may send you a credit note.

Early Payment Discounts

When payments take longer to process, the “frozen” capital is temporarily unavailable for the supplier’s organization to use in other areas. Buyers typically want to balance retaining capital while also maximizing discounts. In the past, buyers have tried to negotiate discount terms that meet capital cost requirements set by their treasury.

Why Do Vendors And Suppliers Offer Early Pay Discounts To Customers?

If you are looking for ways to reward your customers while keeping a steady cash flow, consider offering them an early payment discount. With iPayables’ enterprise-level e-invoicing solutions, payments are processed exponentially faster than traditional paper or lower-level automation processes. Faster processing provides a multitude of opportunities to pay your invoices early. Early payment of invoices then opens up the door for dynamic discounting, which enables you to save your department money by taking advantage of supplier-offered early-pay discounts. This is also a huge benefit to your supplier because it improves their immediate cash flow. When your suppliers are happy and paid, it paves the way to improved supplier relationships. An early payment discount―also called a prompt payment or cash discount―is a reduction in an invoice balance when it’s paid before the due date.

Early Payment Discounts

Stay on top of payments you owe suppliers so you remain aware of cash on hand. If you’ve identified early payment discounts as a good move for your business, the next step is to identify the right supplier opportunities. Cross-border payments Pay your domestic or international suppliers with built in spot FX rates. Automate your payable process for efficiency.With that kind of AP invoice process efficiency your company can easily turn invoices around in under 10 days. If payment is not received by the early due date, you can just post the total amount due in your software application. While a 2% discount may not seem like much on a small order, the discount can quickly add up.

Are There Advantages To Using Financing?

The more of a discount your offer, the less money you have coming in. Getting invoices paid sooner means your cash flow will improve and you’ll be able to reinvest in your business sooner. With your business offering a discount for early payments, your invoices are likely to move to the front of any payment queue. In static discounting, you offer a set discount for early payment, regardless of how quickly the invoice is paid. This can be advantageous as it’s easy to understand and calculate, but can also limit your revenue if customers take their time to pay. Although not all of your customers will take advantage of Early Payment Discounts, some will, and those discounts will impact your bottom line. You must weigh the benefit of getting paid sooner and improving your cash flow against the loss of profit you will experience by offering the discount.

If they don’t pay within 10 days, they won’t get the discount, so they might ass well wait to pay until 30 days comes. ACME Services Company regularly extends credit to customers by issuing sales invoices net 30 days. In other words, the due date on each new invoice is 30 days in the future. But it offers a 5% early payment discount if customers pay within 10 days. Through iPayables InvoiceWorks®, your department is able to select the date they’d like to pay their invoice ahead of time. The exact discount is calculated based on the day that you select.

Look at the current state of your company’s finances and how much excess cash you have on hand. Sometimes it’s simply not smart to pay your invoices early — if, for example, you need the cash for upcoming initiatives or in order to meet company goals. Buyers may receive early payment discounts in exchange for paying a supplier’s invoice before the due date. Essentially, a company pays less than the full amount and the supplier receives payment earlier than they typically would — a win-win. Being able to turn AP invoices quickly is only half of the early pay discount equation. Because to take advantage of early pay discounts your vendors have to offer them.

The Best Suppliers To Approach For An Early Payment Discount

In the first instance, we all have experienced being short of cash; the seller may need the cash to pay one of her own bills on time, for instance. In the second reason cited above, not only can billing be a time-consuming administrative function, but it also can be an expensive one. Most businesses that are large and successful do not even think about this. A startup company or a young professional, however, might be trying to rein in their costs for labor and supplies. Cash discounts are deductions that aim to motivate customers to pay their bills within a certain time frame.

Secondly your business will be impacted in terms of cash flow out of the business and this needs to be considered in context of the gains made. For example, if your customers pay late and you pay early there will be a need to have funds available to support this gap or you will need to use appropriate invoice financing to support the business. Dun & Bradstreet’s research in the UK revealed an average late payment amount of £63,881 for each SME, with 11 per cent owed between £100,000 and £250,000.

Benefits Of Prompt Payment Discounts

Supply Chain AccelerateNew Pay your sellers on day one for a discount, and get extended terms. When your AP specialists and AP clerks are no longer spending a bulk of their time manually entering invoice data they are freed to take on new duties and responsibilities.

  • Early payment discounts have benefits for both vendors and customers beyond the obvious one of saving the customer money.
  • The longer a business waits to get paid, the more risks there are involved.
  • Thus, early pay discounts are a means to improve profit margins and help a small business float cash.
  • Put an end to late payments and manual chasing tasks, by setting up schedules to send out polite payment reminders to your customers.
  • For among other things, better accounts payable efficiency and easier cash flow management.

Business Checking Accounts BlueVine Business Checking The BlueVine Business Checking account is an innovative small business bank account that could be a great choice for today’s small businesses. There’s no rule that you must offer every customer the same payment terms.

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If you’re looking for ways to help cash flow while rewarding your customers, consider offering an early payment discount. Used as an incentive to get your customers to open their wallets a little sooner, an early payment discount may be a good option for your small business. Even the most tempting prompt payment discount can be more trouble than it’s worth if you find yourself short of working capital in securing it.

By offering clients a lower price in exchange for faster payment, these discounts can be very helpful in optimizing the collection of accounts receivable. In most jurisdictions, an early payment discount is considered a price reduction, because it was offered as a condition of the sale. But in some jurisdictions, tax may be due on the original sale price. In that case, do not apply the tax code to the discount line item. Your supplier will effectively be paying your tax on the discounted portion of your purchase. Check with a local accountant or tax authority to confirm which situation applies. Some businesses offer early payment discounts as a way to reward their customers for paying their bills before they are due.

This can encourage customers to pay quickly, as the discount gets larger the sooner they pay. As we mentioned in the disadvantages section, early payment discounts will impact your profitability. Analyze your profit margin, cash flow, and historic customer payment habits to determine if you can afford to offer early payment discounts. You can choose which customers are offered an early payment discount. Unlike sales and special offers that usually must be offered to all customers, you can choose which customers you offer an early payment discount to. In other words, you can reward your best customers for doing business with you by giving them a chance to save money on every purchase they make from you.

Offer different ways for your customers to pay their bills so that they can find the most convenient option for them. This will encourage them to take advantage of your early payment discounts. In addition, you may wish to only offer this discount during certain times of the year or when circumstances in your business dictate (e.g., do not apply discounts if cash flow is tight). Late payments are one of the most prevalent problems for small businesses. Around one in every ten invoices are paid late and 10% of payments are either never paid or written off as bad debt. When it comes to calculating your early payment discount, there are two primary options, static or dynamic discounting.

This will totally clear the Accounts payable balance for the invoice. Dynamic discounting with iPayables gives increased control to your department. With invoices processed faster, you have clear visibility into when your invoices are able to be paid, and what invoices are coming up on their payment deadlines. With such improved visibility, you’re able to take control of your department and your payments—and take charge of capturing discounts.

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