Offshore IT Development Center Setup & Management

Research and development are at the heart of every business. Every entrepreneur wants their business scale up at the speed of light, churning more profit and giving additional returns on investment. But is it possible to achieve all this while counting the increasing expenses of business? To develop the own development centre requires money to employ new manpower, train them and build on the contemporary infrastructure. Saving you from all this cost, we set up an offshore IT development centre for you. Our team of expert developers look into all your web, applications and software development processes without any kind of hassle. With us, you can mitigate the employment risk as well as increase your profitability.

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Leverage the benefits of offshore development services

The benefits of offshore IT development centre are multiple. You have cost-effective solutions, shorter release cycles and quick access to expertise. We aim to deliver a seamless experience and thereby undertake all the necessary practices which avoid the birth of general shortfalls of offshore centres.

Onsite to offshore knowledge transition

This phase includes understanding your requirements

This phase includes understanding your requirements, business processes, company standards and any customisation requests. We evaluate the suitable IT environment for you and discuss the approach for it to take forward.

Offshore simulation

This starts with simulating the IT environment offshore

This starts with simulating the IT environment offshore, confirming the service level agreements and building on the infrastructure. We set up a suitable team with the desired skill set and provide them with the required training.

Review and reporting

We constantly stay in touch with you
We constantly stay in touch with you, review the project deliverables and rectify the weak areas of working.


Infrastructure Cost

Joining hands with GrowMar, you need not invest in infrastructure for your IT development services. There is no need to spend on buildings, furniture, computers, internet connections and other such utilities. We have the first-class infrastructure in place to support your existing as well as growing IT development needs.

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Staffing and Training Cost

Even while hiring the same level of qualifies professionals, there is a significant difference in the salaries you pay overseas. We take the charge of creating the pool of talented developers for you plus training them competently. So, here you save on the cost of hiring, training and on the salaries paid to them.

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