I used these types of five words to spell it out the model because they depicted that which we watched just like the major activities away from fact

During the time, we had not yet shown lots of of evidences and confirming software to help you experimental study solving genuine dilemmas and you will paradoxes available in the traditional fundamental design

Triadic – Reflecting the fact that the patterns in reality that allow science to exist are composed of triads and repetitions of triadic relationships. Examples include three dimensions of space, three quarks are needed to form a proton, three forms of ordinary matter (solid, liquid, and gaseous), three force fields (electric, magnetic, gravitational), three kinds of human experience (physical, mental, and spiritual), three regular states flirtymature of consciousness (Waking, sleeping, and dreaming), etc.

Dimensional – A basic feature of our experience of reality Recognizing the importance of extending the successful approach of Einstein and Minkowski, Kaluza, Klein, Pauli, and Nordstrom, using four, five, and six dimensions, to the hyper-dimensional domains existing beyond.

Vortical – A common pattern of mass/energy throughout the physical universe, from the rotations of elementary particles, to spiraling nebulae, to the structure of DNA and RNA molecules.

Paradigm – A set of concepts or a way of thinking, in this case it is meant to indicate a general model of reality that includes mathematics, dimensionality, and consciousness as fundamental.

The development of a primary calculus known as calculus off evidence by Grams. Spencer Brown inside the floor-breaking guide, Laws away from Mode, is actually the inspiration to the growth of the new CoDD. Given that Brown’s calculus out-of evidence had been adapted to have analyses of paradoxes on physics of the fundamental design, they became clear that number 1 calculus must be modified to deal with quantum phenomena, along with fact just like the knowledgeable by sentient beings. Changes in axiomatic framework and you can mathematical notation was in fact needed to connect the new unitary differences of one’s calculus on mindful perception and you may conceptualization off basic objects.

Calculus – A system of calculation designed for application at the quantum level of reality. The CoDD is a primary calculus consisting of a system of mathematical logic dealing with distinctions drawn by conscious observers.

Vernon Neppe and i also decided to make use of this name so you’re able to show the blend of your records, once we put up an understanding-oriented model of facts

Dimensional Distinctions – Distinct observable structures existing in reality, that are measurable in variables of extent as multiples of units of equivalence (See TRUE below).

Traditionally, equipment of measurement were arbitrarily selected to have standard objectives having some other groups of equipment outlined for different categories of proportions, requiring rules to possess changing from gang of systems to a different. To get rid of difficult conversions, there were tries to explain categories of “natural” gadgets centered on universal constants. An informed understood was Planck tools, predicated on setting the pace from white and you may four most other universal constants comparable to one (unity) so you can clarify calculations during the physics. Maximum Planck establish Planck units as he learned that times simply occurs in entire-number multiples from a very brief, most specific device, which there can be good mathematic equivalence anywhere between times and you can size. Absolute tools for usage from the application of the fresh new CoDD so you can quantized phenomena have been produced by mode might tools of one’s physical parameters out-of mass, opportunity, room, and time for you unity, instead of the universal constants. So it causes a natural number of equipment similar in a few ways to Planck tools: Means the fundamental devices regarding area and you will time equivalent to unity automatically set the interest rate away from light to one, and mass and effort have a mathematical equivalence. New resulting quantum equivalence gadgets, in accordance with the mass and level of the new totally free electron, will be the CoDD triadic rotational products regarding equivalence (TRUE).