In this era of digital marketing, it has become really important to create your presence on different social media platforms. If you are an inbound marketer then you would know the importance of social media marketing and the impact that it has on your business. You can share content, news, new product details and even provide customer services with the help of different social media profiles.

We know, for any social media, content is the king but the final aim is to acquire more and more followers in each profile. Along with focusing on creating quality content, there are several other things that you would need to focus on, in order to gain more followers. This would elevate your business to the next level. Here, we would discuss some easy ways that would boost the visibility of your social media profiles.

The ways

  • Improve Icon Visibility- As we are talking about your business Social Media Profiles, this means that you must be having a business website. Be sure to make them visible on your home page. This would enable the visitors coming to your website to go through all your social media accounts. The easy visibility of the handles would surely attract more potential customers as following your profile, they would get all the updates on your business.
  • Focus your efforts- Now like most other business houses, you must be thinking that having a social media profile on every platform is very necessary. But that is not the case, your audience can be focused on one platform more compared to the other. So instead of wasting energy on all the platforms, it would be better if you could focus it on the potential customer generating ones. You can find that out by counting the number of shares, likes and also by observing your competitors.
  • Post evergreen content- Now as the title suggests, you should post content that does not come with an expiration date. Your business can be dry and formal but you can always make your content interesting. Focus on topics that would grab the attention of your audience even after a few years. The post would remain in your profile for a lifetime and thus, you should try to keep it evergreen in a way that it would be interesting for all even after years.
  • Optimize your profiles- Adding keywords, hashtags are always great to enhance the visibility of your profile. You would not have to stuff your posts with a lot of keywords, but do some research and add a few relevant terms that would improve the visibility of your post for sure.
  • Interact with the followers- The main motive behind creating social media profiles is to build positive relationships with your customers. When you interact with your followers, then they start feeling that special bond and start trusting in the brand. As much as it is important to gain followers, it is equally important to interact with the existing ones. This would increase their trust in you and hence your brand would be able to develop a positive image that would automatically improve visibility
  • The right automation- Automation can be very helpful if it is done in the right way. You cannot expect huge social media success by depending only on automation. Many people use social media marketing platforms to talk directly to the brand. They enquire, complain and ask all kinds of stuff that they want to. If you set up an automatic reply then that would impact the audience’s experience and they would get irritated by the empathyless, emotionless reply from the robots. Thus you can use automation for curating content but do not use it when you are dealing with live audiences.
  • Stay active- This is a key point when we are talking about increasing social media profile visibility. You should post content regularly on the platform. Also, you should always be active and interact with your audience on a real-time basis. You can find ways to repurpose content so that you would be able to update the profile on a daily basis.
  • Look into the trends- You would see that big brands promote their products with trending hashtags or memes. You can too go with the flow and use your creativity to promote your brand with those trends. But note that, you should avoid controversial topics that can hurt the sentiments of your audience.

Our Social Media Experts at GrowMar would help you all of these and would give you the required visibility that would help your business to grow.