Graphic Design

Create a solid visual identity

Pictures speak louder than words. It is the visuals which first make the impression. Even the book you pick is judged by its cover. Graphic designing plays a very important role in the field of marketing. Businesses nowadays demand clever and creative designs that can be flowed across varied communication channels. We, GrowMar provide you with high-quality graphic designs for all your business needs. We employ best of the creative heads and design software who in combination produce designs that completely flabbergast your mind. We follow the approach of being trendy, current and relevant in our designing process. We curate designs that not only distinguish you from your competitor but also effectively repositions your brand in the market.

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Graphic design is our craft

We love designing! We blend our creativity with your vision so that your brand comes across as a most inspiring and impactful one. We deliver the files within the stipulated time and always work to your satisfaction.

Passion and drive

Our team of designers don't mind long edits
Our team of designers don’t mind long edits, heavy workloads and working at odd hours. We have the passion which keeps us going and delivering you something better than the last time.


Besides looking around for great inspiration and paying attention to every small detail
Besides looking around for great inspiration and paying attention to every small detail, our designers have the capabilities to think out of the box, to come up with some really ingenious ideas.

Professional attitude

There is a thin line difference in being confident and arrogant
There is a thin line difference in being confident and arrogant. Our team of experts are confident of their skills but at the same time open to the ideas and suggestions of the client.


Graphic communication

It’s not graphic designing, it is graphic communication. With the rising competition and technology, all of us are so much inundated with information that our span of attention has really got shorter. GrowMar designs the graphics in such a way that it completely delivers the message to your customer in one view and leaves a long-lasting memory.

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a matter of brand

Do you know any good brand/company that don’t have a recognisable logo, colour scheme or typeface? Not likely, graphic designing is an essential element that quickly creates an identity of your brand. Hire us for an unparalleled visual identification of your company. We promise you really powerful and beautiful graphics.

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Plans & Pricing

Flexible monthly plans to fit any workload


$45per hour
  • Design Brochures, Flyers, Image Editing, etc.,


$2,500per month
  • 40-60 Hours (Per Month)


$4,750per month
  • 140-160 Hours (Per Month)

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Our Services Include

How it Works

No problem. Just contact our Client Support team and we will pair you with a different Talent or Team as per your needs.

Depends on your contract terms. Contact your account manager or our Client Support team prior to your next billing cycle and we’ll take care of your request. Unfortunately, we do not offer prorated refunds or cancellations for unused time.

If you go over your time limit, you can purchase additional hours or upgrade your plan at anytime. Just ask your Account Manager for assistance.

It depends on the nature of your business and specific requirements that need setup. Your account manager will let you know in advance in case there is any setup fee involved.

We will keep a running total of your hours and send you weekly reports. Or feel free to ask us for a report at any time.

Yes! You will have an experienced professional that is available to you Monday through Friday, flexible to match your specific time zone needs.

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