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While you aim to start, run or grow your business smoothly, we take care of your technical needs from start to end

Our customers at GrowMar utilize our deep technical expertise combined with virtual assistant services to take care of customer service, sales, bookkeeping, marketing, etc.,

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How our e-commerce service works

Our e-commerce services is a compilation of three simple steps. We provide services for businesses of all industries and offer weekly, daily or monthly services as per your need/demand. We help you to get the basics right, so that your business can enjoy greater profit margin. With your planning and our strategies, you would be able to create a successful business store.

1 Receive orders

Users can buy any product from your website easily

We help you to receive orders . We enable a user friendly way wherein the customers are able to notice your products easily and place the order using any of the given platform. We also help you to make a note of it so that you can give timely deliveries.

2 Processing the order

We securely connect your accounts, credit cards, PayPal and other such apps

We securely connect your accounts, credit cards, PayPal and other such apps so that the data directly gets imported into our software and process all the the other order details which you might need to get the products ready.

3 Convey the delivery information

Connect the seller and buyer seamlessly

We make sure that the delivery information are conveyed to both sides on a timely manner so that you can cater to your commitments given to your customers.


The perfect website

To start with your e-commerce business, the first thing that you would need is an  website. It should contain the list of all products and services that you can offer. You should look into the fact that the website should not only be user friendly but also super interactive. All the useful details should be available readily on the website. We would help your online business to reach a full range of target audience within no time.

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Identify your target audience

We conduct market research to identify the niche market for your products and services. You can send mails and promotional messages to your customer base in order to increase your sales. It is effective and affordable compared to the traditional promotional methods.

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