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Bookkeeping may be your least enjoyable part of running the business but factually the most important aspect of tax compliance while tracking the financial growth of your business. As a business owner, it gets really frustrating to look after all the operations and maintain books/records simultaneously. However delegating this task, lets you invest your time in expanding your services and customer base. We at GrowMar have a team of expert bookkeepers who love to do this job. We import bank statements, categorize transactions and prepare financial statements every month, customized for you. We follow industry best practices and ensure the utmost confidentiality. With us on board, you gain accuracy, expertise and own-time in one go!

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How our bookkeeping service works

Our bookkeeping process consists of three simple steps as described below. We provide services for businesses in most industries and offer weekly, daily or monthly services as per your need. We record each and every financial transaction, maintain books, generate reports at regular intervals, and make your (or your CPA’s) life easier for the tax season.

1. Initial Consultation and Signup

Contact us for an initial consultation, and one of our account managers will explore your needs in detail.

Contact us for an initial consultation, and one of our account managers will explore your needs in detail. Once you sign up, we will then team you up with a dedicated professional bookkeeper. He/She gets to know your business, explains how GrowMar works and tells you what all is needed to get the work going.

2. On-boarding and Setup Data Access

Facilitate secure access of the data that is needed for bookkeeping and accounting

Your bookkeeper will get access to your Accounting software (For example, Quickbooks) that has a live feed of your bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, etc., If you do not have accounting software, you can transfer the financial data through File Exchange Software (Like Dropbox that has 128-bit SSL encryption and password protection to keep your files safe and compliant with state privacy laws and with international best practices for handling sensitive information).

3. Start working with your Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper will review transactions, maintain books and generate financial reports

Your bookkeeper will help you with ledger entry, receipts management, work on your financial statements and reports, making sure that Debits always stay on the left and Credits-on the right. They will send you the list of uncategorized items to review and adjust. You will receive the daily/weekly/monthly reporting depending on your needs.

Data that talks

It is said that data itself talks if you are ready to listen. Bookkeeping is a very important part of assembling and maintaining financial data. GrowMar provides you with precise and crystal clear financial reports so that you can make informed decisions at the right time. With our services, you can easily manage your expenses, see your revenue/cost/profit status and quickly take rational calls on cutting costs, expanding the business, taking a loan, etc.,

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Accountability and Transparency

It is a legal obligation to maintain accurate company books and records. For example, you need to record all your business expenses with receipts, to help you in tax deductions. By keeping proper books of all the financial transactions, you not only enjoy the painless filing of taxes but also safeguard yourself from various government penalties. GrowMar ensures that all your books are rightly maintained and on time, so you will be safe in case of an IRS audit in the future.

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Customized Bookkeeping Services

Ledger Data Entry (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)

Bank And Credit Card Reconciliations

Invoices, Receipts, Accounts Payable And Receivable

Payroll Setup, Processing and Reporting

Customized Financial Reporting

Unlimited Phone And Email Support

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How it Works

No problem. Just contact our Client Support team and we will pair you with a different Talent or Team as per your needs.

Depends on your contract terms. Contact your account manager or our Client Support team prior to your next billing cycle and we’ll take care of your request. Unfortunately, we do not offer prorated refunds or cancellations for unused time.

If you go over your time limit, you can purchase additional hours or upgrade your plan at anytime. Just ask your Account Manager for assistance.

It depends on the nature of your business and specific requirements that need setup. Your account manager will let you know in advance in case there is any setup fee involved.

We will keep a running total of your hours and send you weekly reports. Or feel free to ask us for a report at any time.

Yes! You will have an experienced professional that is available to you Monday through Friday, flexible to match your specific time zone needs.

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