MVC is entity and action-focused while Razor Pages are more page-focused. This, in itself, has an interesting side effect for MVC.

Built on top of MVC in ASP .NET Core, Razor Pages allows you to simplify the way you organize and code your web apps. Your Razor Pages may coexist along with a backend Web API and/or traditional MVC views backed by controllers.

Using Hosted Services¶

This framework is battle-hardened and has been around since early 2009. To touch on the essential components, we reviewed everything ASP.NET Core 3.1 Razor Lessons that gets scaffolded in a new project. While some of this code is considered to be “boilerplate” code, we must understand it.

ASP.NET Core 3.1 Razor Lessons

SearchString parameter Here, the value forSearchStringis used by theOnGetAsync() method in theIndex.cshtml.csclass for ResourceLists. In the code snippet below, you can see that a LINQ Query filters the movies by a subset of movies where the Title contains theSearchStringvalue. Finally, the list of movies is assigned to theMovielist object. The @pagedirective may be followed by an @modeldirective. This identifies the corresponding C# model class, typically located in the same folder as the .cshtml page itself. These names are defined in the StandardLayouts class as constants.

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You can use any one of the below standards to install the Syncfusion Blazor library in your Razor Class Library Server application. Select the target Framework .NET 6 at the top of the Application based on your required target that you want and then click the Create button to create a new Razor Class Library application.

  • The .NET Core applications are easy to maintain because of their reduced memory footprint.
  • It puts order to the .NET universe fragmentation that has been arising over the years and brings new amazing features.
  • We have registered ApplicationDbContext and other Repositories to the service container.
  • These names are defined in the StandardLayouts class as constants.

Add a page to the app that uses the ExtraStyles component from the RCL. For the preceding examples, Component1’s stylesheet (Component1.razor.css) is bundled automatically. In the Configure your new project dialog, provide a project name in the Project name field or accept the default project name. Examples in this topic use the project name ComponentLibrary.

Data Analytics

Add asynchronous functionality to the repositories and the page model action methods. The database may be somewhere in the cloud and retrieving data can be a comparatively time consuming and unreliable process. Likewise, the user experience can be improved by using asynchronous action methods in the page model. Now the repository is added through DI and available throughout the class without requiring instantiation of local variables. When the OnGet() action method for the page requires a list of customers it just calls the appropriate method on the available instance of the repo that’s available for the class.

  • You can still choose to use ASP.NET Core MVC to build your ASP.NET Core web applications.
  • It is a common code smell named Constructor over-injection.
  • When you find errors, it helps to know they aren’t somewhere along the path from the database files to the machine running the test.
  • Of course, you cannot learn all about .NET 5 right now, but you can focus on just five things to have a clear understanding of what is going on.

“.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows”. Ensure that the three files are loaded in the correct order. Confirm that the libraries files are loaded in the environment you are testing.

Authentication And Authorization In Asp Net Core

Now that the repositories are available through injection you don’t need to create instances of them in the action methods. Refactoring the code is simply a process of following the trail of red lint and replacing the variable declarations with statements that use the private member fields. Now that the Countries and Regions repositories are available through dependency injection you can add use them in CustomersRepository rather than instantiating them using their concrete classes. The first step in refactoring the RazorDrop application into a more SOLID structure is to create interfaces for the repositories. This will provide an abstraction you can use in place of the concrete implementation of the class. You can see a specific example of class coupling in the PageModel for the Create page. As you proceed with addressing this issue you’ll also be able to see how using the .NET dependency injection middleware helps implement inversion of control.

I guess the above snippet doesn’t really need an explanation. It’s the definition of table using the Model Customer from the appropriate namespace. Delete – Delete the customer from the datatable dynamically.

Handler Methods

If you have been looking for a better and simpler way to create a razor pages web app, using ASP.NET Core would be the best for you. This focuses on how one could come up with a working razor page web app. Razor Pages is a server-side, page-focused framework that allows for the creation of dynamic, data-driven web pages with a clear separation of concerns in ASP.NET Core.

ASP.NET Core 3.1 Razor Lessons

The following listing shows how a CustomMiddleware class is added to the pipeline. It, furthermore, simplifies integration with .NET Core’s logging infrastructure. The features of this package are discussed in theServiceCollection Integration Guide.

Razor Pages Architecture

The additional three lines add the repositories to the services dependency injection service collection. They’re now available to be included in other classes through dependency injection rather than direct invocation.

ASP.NET Core 3.1 Razor Lessons

Get in touch with him if you’d like to contribute your own post on the Twilio blog to help other developers build better .NET Core software. You also have to instantiate the repositories in each action method where you use them, rather than at the page model level. With the name of your instance of LocalDB, you can update the connection string Entity Framework Core needs to connect to the database.

On the other hand, the admin user has access to all pages and thus it should see all urls/pages available in the app. And then assign the Middle Tier values passed by the UI tier to whatever objects you have. Your objects could be an Entity Framework, or whatever you wish to use that will interact with your database.


Like any new .NET Core application, we can create a new project using one of the following methods. Now, add the created custom component that is imported with Syncfusion Blazor component from Razor Class Library in any web page in the ~/Pages folder. For example, the custom component with imported Syncfusion Blazor Calendar component from Razor Class Library is added to the ~/Pages/Index.razor page as like below. Syncfusion.Blazor package should not to be installed along with individual NuGet packages. If you are using individual NuGet packages, you have to add the above Syncfusion.Blazor.Themes static web assets reference in the application. Or else, you have to add the above Syncfusion.Blazor styles reference for overall NuGet package. You might be tempted to apply method injection to prevent the controller’s constructor from becoming too large.

Razor In An Asp Net Web Api

In the new project selected, we are only interested in the Class Library Project, so in the search bar, type Class Library and select Class Library(.NET Standard) that uses the C# language`. To create a new project, click on Create a new project.